Each of the beautiful, natural and very effective ceramic dildos from the series „Blue Hour Power“ is handmade and is produced with an extra dose of love. The beautiful and natural material clay is fused by the glaze firing with a layer of glass and is therefore absolutely hygienic and with warm water zugeinigen. The natural materials adapt in a few moments to the skin and store the heat even beyond the established use, for a short time. The soft shapes and flat glass surface give you a beautiful sensual feeling in use. A unique experience, which I highly recommend. The pleasant weight and the special inner vault to hold is perfect to give a pleasurable, short or even extended break from everyday life. Whether on your own or with your partner *, enjoyment and success are guaranteed through easy handling.
Each ceramic dildo is unique and each human being is unique. But we pay close attention to the fact that they are almost unmistakable in the production. For a personal engraving please contact us. Even if you want a special desire of color or design, we will gladly respond to your wishes and ideas as well as possible.

all the best for you,
Inga xxx


blue hour power – handmade ceramic dildos, 100% natural materials


Blue Hour Power

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